Gerhard Haas GmbH & Co. KG

Gerhard Haas GmbH & Co. KG is a renowned family business that specializes in the development, production and distribution of household products.

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    Founded by
    Gerhard Haas

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    Acquisition and renovation,
    Stockach headquarters

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    Foundation: Lajta-Haas Kft. Hungary

  • 2018

    Expansion with new building
    Hardt industrial area

  • 2022

    70 years

  • 2023

    New technologies for circular economy

Our processes

From development to sales


Our product designers continually develop new products and product lines in keeping with the times.


We produce our products in our factories in southern Germany on Lake Constance, and in Mosonmagyaróvár - Made in Germany/Made in Hungary.


Many of our products are sold under our own RIVAL brand in retail and discount stores.


We control the logistical processes of delivery and shipping at our high-bay warehouse and the external warehouse.


That's what we stand for.

Philosophy and values

We at Gerhard Haas GmbH & Co. KG produce our products in Germany and are proud to offer over 300 jobs for employees in rural Stockach. Our employees are important to us - but equally so is our company's well-thought-out product design, in order to offer you the best possible helpers in the household.

One thing is particularly important to us: everyone should be able to afford our products and our household helpers should accompany your babies from an early age. We pay attention to strict quality controls with certifications and always follow the guidelines for products that come into contact with food. Get to know us and our Rival® products.

From southern Germany and western Hungary to the whole world – household products from Rival®, Made in Germany/Made in Hungary.



From the very beginning, Gerhard Haas GmbH & Co. KG has been a family business with stability and down-to-earthness. We always keep our demands on the products high.



Our product designers are continually developing new products and product lines in keeping with the times, taking modern aspects into account. We take innovation and usability for the end customer into account right from the start.

Made in Germany / Made in Hungary

From the very beginning, our experts have been developing our products in accordance with the ever-changing market demands. In the beginning, we worked in a small factory in Stockach-Winterspüren, but since then we have grown into an international company. We are proud that our products are made in Germany and Hungary - i.e. MADE IN GERMANY / MADE IN HUNGARY products.


Creativity plays a major role for us in all operational processes. In addition to developing our products, we also develop other creative ideas that positively influence and advance production, sustainability and logistics.



Environmental protection is very important to our company. We are proud of our recycling plant for plastic waste but also of our own electricity generation thanks to our collectors on the company roof - to name just two of our sustainability aspects.

#Environmental Protection

Yes, we are active here too.

Environmental Protection

Active environmental protection is taken very seriously at Gerhard Haas GmbH & Co. KG

In recent years, a separate recycling plant for plastic waste has been built. For this purpose, all plastic waste is collected separately during production and recycled. The resulting recycled granulate forms the raw material for the recycling program, which Gerhard Haas GmbH & Co. KG was the first manufacturer to offer on the market.

All internal transport containers were also converted to a reusable system. These are also made exclusively from recycled material.


Because the environment is important to us: Experience our RECYCLING LINE - products made from recycled material, obtained from pure plastics from the yellow bag or yellow bin.


This is the right thing for me

Brushes and brooms made from natural products are our origins and are now more in demand than ever in modern colours and individual designs.